Christmas Tree Tassels Gallery

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Hey there, friends! I’m so happy to be on here to share my 2018 Christmas tree with y’all! As in years past I am joining my friends for the My Home Style Blog Hop: Christmas Tree Edition hosted by my friend Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living. We will be sharing our trees with y’all all week, so please be sure to click through all the posts for today and come back for more each day of this week! Some of you may be clicking over from Monica’s blog (Monica Wants It) today. Welcome! I just love her style! This year I wanted to mix styles, mostly because so many were catching my attention and I knew I could do it. I ran across a few different garlands that made decorating quick and easy, but make for such a beautiful tree. I used a Tinsel Tassel Garland , a PomPom Garland, and a garland of brass bells that I took apart and made bell ornaments with. I also tied small velvet green ribbons to the tree to add dimension and color. The addition of some beautiful faux candles clipped to the tree really makes our tree sparkle. We used a beautiful knit tree skirt and topped it all off with a gold star tree stopper. We called it quits at that point, and though I think some really cute ornaments added into the mix would be wonderful, I like where it is right now. Truly, it’s stunning in person, and these pictures that I took just don’t do it justice. Cozy: The addition of the knit skirt, and pompom garland make this tree so warm. Look for similar options such as fur, to get the look. Modern: The tinsel could be considered classic, but the fact that it’s white and a garland gives it a modern twist. Classic: What’s more classic than brass bells, and candles? Incorporating these elements into my tree decor really gives it that nod to classic decorating that I was hoping for. Let’s not forget the tree! We got our tree last year, and I can’t for the life of me remember from where. I’ve found some that are similar though, and will link one up for you here. I’ve recently been going through some crazy health issues, one thing after another, and in turn my life has been flipped upside down. That’s why I haven’t been on here as much recently. One thing that’s come out of it though is the fact that I appreciate doing things with my family so much more now. The silly stresses of this or that being perfect don’t really matter to me as much anymore, just that we are all taking part in doing things together and enjoying ourselves. Don’t let the holidays or life make you forget that you and your loved ones matter so much more that all that frivolous stuff. Enjoy each other and be thankful for what you have, because I’ve learned, life doesn’t always go your way, and you’re going to kick yourself a bit for not appreciating the good you had before. I hope y’all have a wonderful holiday season, and if I can I plan to post a few more things for the holidays. It’s fun and keeps me busy, and I love connecting with y’all when I get a chance to. Be sure to click over to French and French Interiors to continue on the hop today! Enjoy! Monday:.

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