Flocked Christmas Tree Branches

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37891 Don’t you guys just love beautiful, snow covered trees, branches and such? It evokes a feeling of magic…. Today I’m sharing how I made this “snowy” DIY Flocked Tree (so simple!). I’ve always loved flocked trees, but gosh, they can be expensive. I did find a few that weren’t too pricey this year but they weren’t very big, full or really as nice as I’d hoped. I wanted to get one to put in the study as a second tree but I had given up hope for this year. But then I wondered about flocking my own? Because, you know, that’s what I do. DIY girl all the way, ever since as long as I can remember. (even as a child, my poor parents, I was always into something 😉 ) So…I looked on Amazon (Prime, my first “go-to” for just about everything!) for the flocking material. Sadly they didn’t offer tons of options in the way of flocking BUT they did have a few. The one I chose was not part of Prime but still came quickly and had free shipping, yay! But I didn’t have a tree to flock since we always buy real. No worries, I went right on up to the thrift store and found this big beautiful tree…. Well, it’s looking a little traumatized from the ride home in the bed of the truck AND the removal of about 1000 colored lights! UGH…I had no idea they wrapped those things so intricately on pre-lit trees. (I’ve never had one) It took (I would say “ME” but I had to hand the job over to my sweet husband) forever and was one of those…”oh my, we should have just left those lights on but we are too far in now to turn back” … moments. I had to have white lights…. This tree was $75 at the thrift store. (which is a great deal for the size, quality and pre-lit…well, anyway) The flocking is listed for $21 – link below. (and I’ve flocked just about everything and still have at least half of the bag leftover) (and I now have about 1000 colored lights too! haha) DIY Flocked Tree.

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