Layered Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Tree 2019

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Arrives by Mon, Oct 28 Or get it by Fri, Oct 25 with faster delivery Glad to have found THIS tree! I’ve always liked a noble fir because I could hang ornaments from the center post right out to the tip of a branch. I like being able to see into and through the tree. “My main concern in ordering this fake tree was whether the branches would be strong enough to carry the weight of lights and ornaments. I am OVERJOYED to discover that this tree is more than up to that task! In fact, it does better than most of the live trees I’ve had – branches don’t sag – and I now won’t have the expense of paying the ever rising price wanted for a noble fir tree. I appreciate the 4-legged stand which provides for greater stability. There was no piece of paper with instructions but it’s not that hard: unfold the stand (doesn’t need assembly), remove the plastic cap from one of the pieces (which goes into the stand), screw one screw into each of the 3 holes in the stand to secure the bottom piece, fit the next piece into the top of the base, and then insert the top. Now, pour some eggnog, put on some holiday music and unfurl-arrange-shape the branches to suit yourself.

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