Skinny Frosted Christmas Tree

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You must have heard of slim jeans, slim ties and slim phones. But another slim and skinny thing is taking the world by storm and that is slim or skinny Christmas trees. Lean or slim Christmas trees are just about half as wide as normal trees and range up to 15 feet high. The pencil Christmas trees, on the other hand, can be as narrow as 18 inches. These trees fit in challenging spaces like dining rooms, entrances and foyers, places where traditional trees just won’t cut in. And the fact that they are less expensive than regular trees make them even more popular. Not to mention, they take a minimum space. So if you’re planning something similar for your Christmas decoration, you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Below we’ve listed some of the most beautiful pencil or slim Christmas tree decoration ideas. Take a look! You May Also Like To Read: 30 Slim Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas A Slim Christmas Tree Housed In A Basket: If you want to add a French flair to your décor, incorporate this beautiful and slim Christmas tree housed in basket. While following this idea, you need to keep other things in mind too! Ensure that they clock is a bit ancient looking and worn out. And the upholstery shouldn’t be very vivid.

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