Snow Machine For Christmas Tree 2019

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The Snowing Machine will give the appearance “it’s actually snowing”. The decorative box opens up to catch the falling snow and then recycles the snow. You can cover the edge of the box with fabric or Christmas paper for a more decorative look as noted in the picture above. Your tree stand must not exceed 24 inches. We recommend using a 7 ½ foot tall slim artificial tree. A larger tree may require an extra bag of snow as more snow will accumulate on a larger tree. Contents: 1-Bag Artificial Snow, 3-Green Tubes & 3 Ties, 1-Flex Hose, 1-Venturi (plastic pipe with opening on side attached to the foam housing box. ), 1-Motor Housing W/Blower Motor Attached To The Inside Of Box,
a transformer that plugs into the connector in the outside opening in the box. (TREE NOT INCLUDED) You Can Use The Blower Machine For All Holidays Setting Up the Snowing Machine 1. The four “gussets” form the box, place them where you want and
remove the backing from the Velcro to secure them to the green
box. you can make the box “more vertical” or “more horizontal” as
you wish. The base box dimensions are 24” x 24” x 8”, which opens up
to a maximum of a 48” diameter and a depth of 18”. You’ll be able to
dissemble at the end of the season. Place your tree (or other object) in the container. You may want to cut some pieces of cardboard and tape in place in
the corners of the box and around the tree stand to direct the snow
to the venturi, where the snow enters the piping system. This saves
on the amount of snow needed. Due to all the many different sizes
and shapes of tree stands this is left up to the individual, do this
before setting the tree in place. Connect the 3 rigid green pipes and place them up the center of
the tree “or other object. Attach the flexible green tube to the rigid pipes- AVOID A SHARP
BEND (the venturi should be pointing down). Sit back and watch it snow. Static and The Snowing Machine – We treat many of the components with anti-static material so it
should not be a problem, but if it is, one or more of the following
will be a cure: ~Allow the machine to blow snow out of the flexible green tube
for a few minutes before connecting the rigid tubes. ~Spray “static guard” in the rigid pipes or pull a dryer sheet
through them. ~Lightly mist water on the snow. New Base Design and Color! snow machine, artificial snow, snowing machine, snowing Christmas tree To register for Christmas Treasures email updates on your favorite product lines! Like Us On.

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