Warm Led Christmas Tree Lights 2019

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Interior Mall Decor Year ‘Round If commercial installers are using these lights, imagine what they could do for your back yard or Christmas tree? How many light strings can you run in series? You can even run up to 43 sets in series before you have to use a second extension cord. Since these sets have male and female electrical plugs you can use electrical splitters to send arms of light wrapping along the branches of your favorite oak tree. What’s the advantage of this cylindrical shape? The simple shape with a conical interior molding of the LED lenses on this light string allows maximum light to broadcast from each bulb making it an impressive choice for your project. This lens shape doesn’t necessarily draw attention to itself but highlights the bows, ornaments, and garland on your tree. It’s perfect for both traditional or modern themes. Consider spacing between bulbs as you choose a set for your Christmas tree. Four-inch spacing between lights gives you the flexibility to wrap the strings artfully around the limbs of your tree without extra wiring that makes it look messy. The warm white color is the LED color closest to traditional mini lights. If you are going to be mixing the two styles of lights, consider this color to blend with your incandescent lights. They won’t be an exact match but will blend nicely. This warm white light string is approximately 17 feet long and has a lit length from first to last light of 16 feet. The 4 inch spacing between the LEDs is the most versatile – allowing you to decorate both small and massive projects.

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